Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This is the agreement between user and https://goldiragold.org/.

Welcome to https://goldiragold.org/. This website encompasses numerous web pages operated by Martin Eggeling (ME). https://goldiragold.org/ is presented to you on the conjecture that you accept the terms and conditions provided below without any modifications whatsoever.

Your use of https://goldiragold.org/ establishes your agreement to all the terms presented below.

We advise that you to read the terms carefully, and for future references please keep a copy of them.

https://goldiragold.org/ is a News and Information Website

Gold IRA Gold aims at providing the latest news and other information, related to Gold IRA, Gold IRA Rollovers and other Precious Metal Investments, for marketing purposes only.

No information presented within this website is intended to be, nor should be interpreted as investment advice by ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ME, or any of its affiliates. Furthermore, it should not be depended on while making investment decisions.

No information or opinions presented in this website offers to purchase of sell nor take part in any trading strategy. The information available on this website is not a comprehensive description of market trends, securities and developments in the Gold IRA industry. Information about a certain individual security does not mean that that security will be suited to all individuals. Before making any official investment decisions, we strongly advise you to refer to your broker, tax consultant, investment advisor, or other financial experts.

The opinions present on this website reflects ME’s verdict as of the date appearing on the piece of information and are subjected to change with no prior notice. The information may not show the events that occurred after the date of publication, and ME is not obligated to continue to offer any information regarding securities, investment options or any service. All the information present in this website has been obtained in reliable sources, but its accuracy is not guaranteed.

Previous performances cannot guarantee future results.  The securities products are not insured by FDIC, nor is it guaranteed by any bank. ME shall not be held liable for any investment decisions based upon the information and results gathered from http://Gold IRA Gold.org.


The users of http://Gold IRA Gold.org are subjected to ME’s privacy policy. Please read our privacy policy that governs the website and notifies users of our information collection practices.

Electronic Communication

Accessing http://Gold IRA Gold.org or sending email to any email on this domain is categorized under electronic communications. You hereby confirm that all disclosures, agreements, notices and other disclaimers provided via electronic communication satisfies any governmental requirements that entails that the communications be in writing.

ME does not knowingly collect personal information from any user under the age of thirteen. Users under 18 can use http://Gold IRA Gold.org with the permission of their legal guardian.

Third Party Website Links Disclosure

The Gold IRA Gold offers links to various websites maintained by third parties. These linked websites are not controlled by ME and ME neither provides for nor is responsible for the products, services and other contents on any of the linked websites, including the links that are contain within the linked website. It is also not responsible for any updates or changes to any linked websites.

These links are provided by ME are only for convenience and educational purposes, and the presence of any of the links does not suggest endorsement by ME nor any of its affiliates or partner websites.

ME ‘s privacy policies are not applicable to any linked website. Please review the privacy disclosure of appropriate website to seek more information. Know that the linked websites may be less secure than Gold IRA Gold.org.

Some services presented on http://Gold IRA Gold.org are delivered by third party websites. By choosing to use any products, services or information on http://Gold IRA Gold.org, you acknowledge and attest that ME may share information and such data with a third party with whom ­­­ ME has an contractual agreement to provide the requested product, service on information on behalf the users and customers of http://Gold IRA Gold.org.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use

By using http://Gold IRA Gold.org, you agree not to use the website or the services it offers for any unlawful purposes that are prohibited within this agreement. You are not allowed to use the website or its services in any way that could damage, impair, disable this website or that could interfere with a third party’s use of this website. You may not attain or try to attain information or any materials that is intentionally not made available on the website by ME. All content and materials, such as softwares, pictures, logos, graphics and texts are the property of ME, and is protected by the copyright laws and proprietary rights that govern that property.

You hereby agree to accept and abide by the necessary copyright laws, proprietary rights and other notices or restrictions present in any content, and will make not many any amends to them.

You will not modify, edit, publish or participate, directly or indirectly, in the creation of sale of any derivative works. You will also not exploit any content found within http://Gold IRA Gold.org. You may only use  protected content for personal use, and will make no other use of the content in any way prohibited by ME, until you have the permission of us or the copyright owner. We do not award you with any licenses, expressed or implied, to any property of ME .

Unlawful use of Communication Services

http://Gold IRA Gold.org may contain discussion boards, chat areas, forums, and other communication facilities designed for groups or public at large to communicate. You hereby agree to use these communication service only to post, send and receive content and messages related to the service.

Users will not engage in activity that will abuse, harass, defame, threaten, stalk, or otherwise violate the rights of publicity and privacy of others.

Users will refrain from uploading, distributing, publishing, posting, or disseminating anything profane, infringing, inappropriate, defamatory, indecent, obscene, suspecting, lewd, or unlawful.

Uploading files or other documents containing software or other materials that are protected by privacy of publicity or intellectual property laws, is prohibited, unless they control or own the rights or have obtained all consents. Files containing corrupted files, viruses, or any other programs or software that may damage the functionality of another’s computer, are strictly prohibited.

Users will not advertise or offer to buy or sell any goods and services for business purposes unless the communication services specifically allows for such messages. Surveys, pyramid schemes, contests, polls and chain letters will not be conducted, nor forwarded.

Users will not download any posted files, images, or documents from others that cannot be distributed legally in such manner.

Users will not delete or falsify legal or other proper notices, author attributions, labels of origin, proprietary designations, source of software, and other materials contained in an uploaded, inhibited, or restricted file that would prevent others from enjoying and using the communication service.

Users will not violate any applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, code of conduct, or the like, applicable for each featured communication service.

Users will not harvest personal information, such as phone numbers and e-mail or physical addresses, about others, without their consent.

ME has no obligation to watch over the communication services.              However, it does reserve the right to review all the information posted and remove any inappropriate or unlawful materials with sole discretion.

ME has rights to terminate user access to any or all communication services, without notice, at any time, and for any reason deemed appropriate.

ME has rights to disclose information to satisfy any applicable regulation, legal process, law, or governmental request as necessary.

ME holds rights to edit, remove, or refuse to post materials or information, in part or whole, in ME ‘s sole discretion.

It is up to the user to always use caution when disclosing personal information that may identify the user or their children in any communication service.

ME does not endorse or control the messages, content, or information found in any of the communication services, and disclaims any liability and any other actions resulting from the user’s participation of the service. Managers and hosts are not authorized ME representatives. Their posted views do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of ME or its subsidiaries.

All information and materials uploaded to a communication service are subjected to limitations on reproduction, dissemination, and/or usage. Users are responsible for abiding by such limitations if materials are uploaded.

ME does not claim ownership of user-posted, uploaded, inputted, or submitted materials and information; however ME and its affiliates have permission to use the submissions in connection with their Internet businesses. These rights include the ability to copy, transmit, reproduce, distribute, reformat, publicly display, or publicly perform the submission using the original author’s byline. There will be no compensation paid for such submissions.

ME has no obligation to use, post, or remove user submissions with sole discretion, at any time.

International Users
This service is operated, administered, and controlled by ME from Costa Rica. If the service is accessed from outside the United States, the user is responsible for local-law compliance. Users agree they will not use ME content accessed through the website in any country outside of the United States, or in a way that is prohibited by laws, regulations, or restrictions.

Users agree to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify ME  directors, agents, officers, third parties or employees for any costs, expenses, liabilities, and losses resulting from the inability or ability to utilize the website or any provided products and services, user postings or violations of any terms outlined in this Agreement, including violations of any rights of a third party, or the user’s violation of any applicable regulations, rules, or laws.

At its own cost, ME has the right to assume exclusive rights, control, and defense of any matter otherwise subjected to indemnification. Users agree to fully cooperate with ME in asserting any affirming defenses.

Liability Disclosure
The information, products, services, and software presented on this website may include typographical errors and/or inaccuracies. Amendments are occasionally made to the information provided. ME or its suppliers may improve and/or change the website at any time. ME makes no representation about the timeliness, appropriateness, dependability, liability, accuracy, or availability of products, services, information, graphics, and software on the site for any purpose.

To the maximum extent of the law, information, products, services, and software are given “as is” without condition or guarantee of any kind.

ME hereby disclaims all conditions and warranties regarding the information, products, services, and software, including all implied conditions and warranties of appropriateness for a specific purpose, merchantability, title, and non-infringement.

To the maximum extent of the law, at no time shall ME and/or its suppliers be held responsible for all indirect, direct, incidental, special, punitive, consequential or any afflictions whatsoever, including damages for loss of data, profits, or loss, as a result of use or connection with performance of the website, inability or delay to use the website, the failure or provision of services or information, products, services, software, graphics acquired through the website based on tort, strict liability, negligence, contract, or the like, even if ME or its suppliers have been notified of the potentiality of damages.

The above limitations may not apply in some jurisdictions or states as they do not permit the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Termination of access

ME , at its sole discretion, holds the right to terminate your access to any portion or the whole of http://Gold IRA Gold.org, and any of its related services, with no prior notice.

This contractual agreement is governed by the law of  to the maximum extent as allowed by law, and you the user hereby consent to the jurisdiction and location of the courts in Costa Rica for all the disputes that arise out of or are related to the use of this website.

The usage of this website in any jurisdiction, that does not follow the provisions presented in this term, including this section, is unauthorized.

You hereby attest to the fact that there does not exist any partnership, employment, joint venture or agency connection between you and ME .

This agreement complies with the governing legal laws, and nothing in this contract violates the ME right to abide by the governmental, court and law enforcement requests relating to your use of this website of information, presented or gathered by ME.

If any part of this contract is dogged to be invalid or unenforceable to governing law, including but not limited to, warranties and liability disclaimers mentioned above, then the invalid or unenforceable portion will be superseded by a valid and enforceable portion that closely reflects the true intent of the original clause.

Unless specified otherwise, this agreement represents the complete agreement between the user and ME with respect to the website and all the communications, written or oral, between the user and ME.

A printed version of this contract and of any electronic form shall be allowed in judicial proceedings relating to this agreement. Its use will be to the same extent as any other records maintained in printed form.

ME requests all the parties that this agreement and all other related documents be written in English.

Changes to Terms

WS, at its sole discretion, holds the right to make changes to the terms that governs http:// Gold IRA Gold.org. At all times, the most current version of the terms will be presented above all its previous versions. ­­­ ME hereby advises its users to periodically review the terms to stay informed of any changes or modifications.