Lexi Capital – A Capital Investment in Gold

Gold prices have recorded all time highs in the past few years. The Great Recession of 2008 that showed the fickle nature of the economy affected many booming sectors like Information Technology, Real Estate and Banking. It brought the economy down to its knees not only in the States but in many other countries across the globe. Its effects are still malevolent in the European nations. Contrary to the popular trend, however, the same recession showed how stable and strong gold could be in such times.

This formed the basis of the founding of Lexi Capital, an organization that believes in the customer first approach and works to save your money so that you, the customer profits.

Lexi Capital was founded in 2010 by two alumni of the UCLA. From the very beginning, the company sourced the talents of experienced professionals who had prior knowledge of how the gold business operates. Its chief panelists and advisors were brought from the reigning market leaders like Merit Financial, Goldline, Charles Schwab, PayPal and the Bank of America. With people from such reputed organizations show the light, the journey of Lexi Capital began.

The first thing that Lexi Capital understood about the market that a lot of companies already present in the gold and Gold IRA industry were not presenting the exact details to their customers and the process of buying and selling gold was not simple enough for the average tax-payer.

Lexi Capital recognized this to be a major problem, one that sowed seeds of doubt in the minds of many investors and effectively chased away a few prospective investors. The people here at Lexi Capital decided to bring about a shift of attitude in the working of the industry.

The first step taken was to introduce more customer centricity and a customer friendly approach in dealings with the clients. From a horde of products on offer in the precious metals and precious metals IRA industry, most were not profitable as they were collectibles with numismatic value. Lexi Capital acknowledged that the average customer cares about the returns his or her investment were likely to get, and hence deals primarily in those products that were going to earn maximum profit.

In a first for the industry, Lexi Capital introduced the Gold Assurance Plan, an idea that tries to minimize the effects of short term corrections in the market on the value of an investor’s holdings. This single plan, which allows a six month return policy on the qualified gold sold, has saved many customers from potential losses.

It is a result of its hard work and dedication that in a span of two years, it has become USA’s numero uno Gold IRA conversion specialist. With a growing number of people attracted to the luster of gold, Gold IRAs have become immensely popular in the last few years with many people trusting them as retirement ventures. This is where Lexi Capital has offered its expertise for the benefit of customers it highly values.

The company also focuses on the privacy and security of its customers, using popular and trusted ventures like VeriSign for its online transactions and dealings.  Lexi Capital has and will continue to pioneer in the field of Gold IRAs like it has done.

Lexi Capital – A Capital Investment in Gold
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