Investing in Gold 401k Plans

If you’re looking for an effective way of securing your 401k or IRA then consider the long term stability and growth potential offered by Gold 401k plans. All across the country, more people are turning to gold 401k plans to secure their investments. That’s because, unlike stocks and similar paper investment options, gold remains largely unaffected by economic, social or political trends.

In the last fifty years, the value of gold has soared to 50 times it initial value. A $10,000 in the mid 70’s would today earn you $500,000. In comparison, the value of the dollar and real estate has plummeted, risen and then plummeted again during that period.

If you’re going to invest in gold 401k plans, you’ll need to do it within the permitted scope of the law. There are two types of precious metal that you can hold in your gold 401k plan. These are proof coins and gold bullions. There are different sizes of gold bars that you can consider. You’ll find bars as small as 1 ounce and bar with 400 ounce sizes. Before a gold coin can be allowed in an IRA, it will need to have a purity rating of 24 karats. The same is true for gold bars. Each bar must carry a visible mark by the refiner as an indication of its approval. However the United States gold eagle is exempted for this rule. Even though its 22 karats, it can still be allowed in IRA.

Managing your gold 401k plan is easy. Regular statements reports are typically sent to account holders. This may be quarterly or every six months. Gold 401k plans can also be monitored and checked online. You can also arrange to have periodic updates to be sent to you based on different emerging market trends. For instance, you can request to be sent and update when your gold account should rise above 10%. An important point to note is that gold 401k plans can be liquefied immediately. You can convert the gold you have into cash at any time. You however will not need to convert your gold to cash during the rollover.

It’s important to note that trading in Gold stocks or ETFs is not the same thing as owning Gold 401k plans.  These types of accounts do not trade in the actual physical metal and are therefore susceptible to risks just like other stock options. So the next time you worry about the future of your retirement plan, consider the option of switching to gold 401k plans.

Investing in Gold 401k Plans
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Originally posted 2017-01-08 06:54:31.