An Impartial Rosland Capital Review

Let me start off by saying that Rosland Capital is an American company that is based out of California, they buy and sell gold silver platinum bars and as well gold and silver coins. This is also one of the few companies that I’ve dealt with that also sell diamonds, they are very flexible in the various investment opportunities that they are offering.

My personal opinion about Rosland Capital

While doing research online I uncovered that Rosland Capital was established in 2005, compared to some of the competitors it is still a relatively new member in the industry, despite this it still has a relatively large and loyal customer base.

Despite this, there have been numerous complaints filed against Rosland Capital most of them seem to complain about the same things, namely high commission fees, and a unsatisfactory buyback program, misleading information, and there are reports of pushy or sometimes even rude customer service people.

What are the Products Available?

The company offers multiple methods for you to invest in. You can invest in gold, platinum, silver, and palladium. It is upon you to decide what the best choice is after obtaining information about the alternatives.

Additionally, the company offers additional options, including coins. The coins include:

  1. 10-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.
  2. 10-ounce American Gold Eagle.
  3. 10-ounce South African Krugerrand.
  4. 10-ounce American Silver Eagle.

Your choice will depend on what you expect in terms of investment potential and what you can afford. You can acquire the information you need by going to their site or contacting one of their representatives via a toll-free line supplied on the site. This way, you will make the best decision the ideal choice for you.

I liked this About Rosland Capital

  • One of the positive points about Rosland Capital is that the minimum investment is only $1500, whereas some of the competitors it is easily 10 times that amount.
  • They have a nice selection of investment opportunities including diamonds which some of the others operating in the same gold industry do not have.

I did not like this About Rosland Capital

  • They are not rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • They have a relatively poor trust link rating
  • On my last count I saw more than 18 complaints with the business consumer alliance
  • Four complaint reports have been filed with
  • Reading the reviews and complaints I detect a sense of overall dissatisfaction from their previous clients. The complaints seem to base around high commission fees, misrepresentation of investments, difficulty resolving issues due to poor customer service, disputes arising around their buyback program which seems to be not documented accurately.
  • Also some of the complaints surround the fee structure. In addition to the administrative fee, annual fee and storage fees, they appear to charge extra transaction fees for each product or account,  this is something that other companies do not do.

Reviews, Ratings and Reports on Rosland Capital

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has accredited Rosland Capital on October 1, 2008. Other than that the BBB currently doesn’t show any kind of rating for Rosland capital other than three closed complaints.

Business Consumer Alliance

After doing my research I discovered that Rosland Capital has a AAA rating with the business consumer alliance. This is the highest score attainable.

In total there have been 18 complaints filed against them with the BCA, most of the complaints seem to deal with misleading information, and in accurate assessment, or undervaluation of account holdings. To see exactly what I mean, you can visit the link above and you can peruse it at your own discretion.


Trustlink Rosland Capital also seems to have a relatively low score 3 out of five stars. Most of the comments that immediately jump out at me are complaints about inaccurate advertising, also inaccurate balances in customer accounts, customer service lacking, pushy salespeople, and issues or problems with their buyback program.

I also visited there ripoff and I placed their name in the search engine I found 4 complaints filed against them, the complaints range from being overcharged, or coins being overpriced or excessive commission rates.

Rosland Capital's Fee Structure

Judging by the amount of complaints with the BCA, the BBB, Trustlink, Ripoffreport, most of them seem to base around the problem of the inaccurately explained commission fees. These current customers seem to state that there are concealed higher commission fees.

Without being a customer of Rosland Capital I cannot accurately say what the problem is, but from trying to discover and what the customers are saying it seems like Rosland Capital is charging for his trading services one price when the customer signs up, but then later on additional fees are reflected in their account balance presumably unbeknownst to the customer. Usually these type of discrepancies are due to inaccurate documentation, or a lack of informing the customer.

Customer Service

If you take the time and read the reviews yourself, you will probably come to the same conclusion that I have that as far as customer service goes, they seem to be sometimes good, sometimes bad. Many of the complaints circle around overly pushy sales representatives. Under the same token you will read reviews about very satisfied customers, so it seems to be a very hit or miss situation.

I do want to add that despite the fact that there are quite a few complaints issued against Rosland Capital, the company does put effort into trying to resolve them with their current customers.

As a final note anyone who has issues are complaints with Rosland Capital should make effort to contact the company’s compliance officer. Judging by the written reports, they seem to be very good at resolving their complaints efficiently and effectively to the customers satisfaction.


Rosland Capital is still a fairly new company it has gained a lot of popularity just recently, I find that it still needs some time to grow. The company has quite a lot to offer, it has some rather interesting packages as mentioned earlier diamonds as opposed to just precious metals, but there are clearly a large quantity of people that are quite dissatisfied with the Rosland Capital overall performance. Not only that they seem to charge higher prices, and for me the most important of all is the buyback program. They seem to have some questions surrounding this area as well, for this reason I would recommend anyone thinking of considering to do business with Rosland Capital, to perhaps proceed with caution.