American Bullion Review - Stats and Trust Rating

American Bullion Review: The first thing that struck us when we arrived at American Bullion’s site was that they were heavily involved in precious metal IRAs.  Upon further inspection, it turns out that IRA services comprise the entirety of their services menu.  While this is all well and good – gold and silver IRAs are fantastic investments in many cases – it is a bit unfortunate that you don’t see many of the commonly offered ancillary services here as well (coin and numismatic sales, etc.)

Their Website:

Their BBB Rating: A-, 15 complaints closed last 3 years, 9 in last 12 months (as recorded in Feb 2013)

Their TrustLink Rating: 4 stars out of 5, based on just 4 reviews

Digging a little further, one finds that the real specialty of the firm is rolling over more traditional IRAs into gold and silver IRAs, specifically.  They have assembled a fairly impressive team dedicated to staying on top of all of the current laws and regulations governing which assets can be rolled over, and what can be purchased directly with gold IRA assets.  They even have a program that alerts their current clients when there is proposed legislation which may impact their investments; a very nice touch.

One of the biggest benefits they offer is the amount of third parties who they have partnered with, both in an attempt to increase their own credibility, and to provide clients who are interested in some of the alternate services a place to start their search.  They have partnered with the U.S. Mint (so they can offer those coins we talked about earlier), TRUSTe, Norton Internet Security, and more, and their partner list is fairly impressive.

However, if you take a look around the net for real on-the-ground information about American Bullion, things can get a little more difficult to decipher.  We aren’t sure when the firm was founded, but there is a much lower number of publicly available reviews on American Bullion than there are on many of the other industry firms.

One of the places that seems to have the most to say about American Bullion is the online Yellow Pages, where there are 22 reviews.  You can read the various comments here:

Many people note rude experiences with their personnel, though admittedly there are a suspiciously large number of 1-star votes with no comment, which does look kind of odd.

If you actively look for complaints against the company, you will turn up some hits.  In fact, over at the Business Consumer Alliance, the firm has quite a few complaints which allege that American Bullion may engage in high-pressure sales tactics with certain customers.  You can view that material here and make up your own mind:

So while American Bullion definitely knows a thing or two about precious metal IRAs, it seems they may have a bit to learn in terms of offering good service to their clientele.

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