Precious Metals IRA

Are you looking into investing in a Gold IRA?  There are several major benefits and that doesn’t just include escaping IRS penalties.

If you are hoping to get yourself into an IRA, you might also be a little bit worried about the future of your retirement.  What good is your retirement fund when even the US Dollars that are saved in it might not be worth anything in the coming years?  Also, if you hope to get yourself into a Roth IRA, where you will be funding it with securities, stocks, mutual funds, annuities from a life insurance policy, then these might be threatened if the US ever ends up defaulting due to its massive deficits.  Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of men in high-rise corporate offices, but we don’t all have to give up our nest eggs to toxic funds.  So, what can we do?

The Gold IRA

Though it might not be talked about in the “mainstream” media, have you considered using precious metals in your portfolio.  The advantages of a Gold IRA is the fact that you can double the protection you receive.

How an IRA works is that you are totally exempt from any IRS taxation if you liquidate your fund when you reach retirement age.  This is one of the best ways to make sure that you are not swamping your nest egg in gains tax.  The only problem with a traditional IRA is the fact that you can actually risk you retirement if it is composed of stocks, securities, and other mutual funding options.

However, with something like a Gold IRA, you will be able to find your nest egg in a cushy safety net.  Gold has shown to be incredibly stable in the last half-century.  For instance: If you had invested $25,000 in gold in 1965, and escaped from all the economic scandals in the last fifty years including inflation, then you would be sitting on $500,000.  That’s correct, a half-million dollars could be sitting in your Gold IRA account.  Now just imagine all the scandals and economic upsets to come.  There’s a lot of stability to be had and money to be made with a Gold Roth IRA.

Escaping the IRS

If you are looking to escape the IRS and other taxation on your nest egg, then a Gold IRA is one of the best ways to do it.  Of course, you will want to make sure that you are investing with the right gold.

Precious Metals IRA

It is important that you pad your account with Gold Double Eagles, rather than simple Gold Eagles.  Believe it or not, but during a time of crisis, the US Government can actually confiscate Gold Eagles from your Gold IRA.  However, it cannot come and confiscate Gold Double Eagle.  Now, how many crises have we seen in just the past few years?  It is important that you look at what the future may hold and protect your wealth from anything coming down that road.